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Wheels of steel keep spinnin round and round.

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Living Room Decor Ideas Cheap And Simple

I’m always on the lookout for cool vintage items to use for interiors and lately I’ve really gotten hooked on the sporty vintage vibe of…[Read The Article] 



Early 1900’s Grafton & Co. Pullover Shirt. Amazing find from


For every modern piece I find, there is always one or two vintage pieces. Very rarely do I find something that is of significant age (over 70 years). Even rarer still is for the piece to fit me. Last week, while scouring one of my favourite locations, I came upon this beautiful green wool work shirt by local Hamilton clothing manufacturer Grafton & Co. Now a part of the Tip Top Tailors brand, the company began in 1858 in Dundas, Ontario and played an integral role in the area before being sold in 1960 to its parent company. Judging from the condition and construction, the piece seems to be from the 1910s-1920s. Finishing touches such as the very rudimentary mother-of-pearl buttons and a mixture of hand sewn and industrial edges speak of an age before heavy mechanation. This is a piece I will wear periodically because it is simply beautiful. Grail find.


Incredible piece of Ontario history.

Cars And Classics The 1966 Corvette Stingray Convertible and Early Morning Knocks At My Door

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I have a total fixation with trains, the sound of them, the oil soaked toxic ties, the earth shaking rumble. Trains.

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Vintage Typewriters For Sale And The Lost Art Of The Letter

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Vintage Clickers! (or rotary!)

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My Friend Jack Has a Perfect Datsun 280ZX Hiding In His Garage, You’ve Got To See This

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